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Hawaiian Washers & 3 Hole Washers

hawaiian washers set

3 Hole Washers is a popular version of washers. The large playing surface makes it possible to stand on the boards while making tosses. The boxes are 48in x 16in and 3in tall. A set includes two boxes. We incorporate netting in the holes, rubber feet, Easy Grab™ handles and our boxes latch together for easy transport.

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hawaiian washers set

Hawaiian Washers (Portuguese Horseshoes) is a Hawaiian variant of the popular washers game. The large playing surface and back board make it easier and more fun to play on than other types of washer games. The boxes are 18in x 18in and 13in tall. A set includes two boxes. We incorporate a washer return in the back of the boxes, Easy Grab™ handles and our boxes nest together to reduce storage size.

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Birch Wood Washers

Premium Birch Wood Washer Toss Game

Go Pong's Washer Toss Game was designed for the best possible washer toss experience by using premium materials and detailed craftsmanship. The targets are made from 100% solid birch wood, which was selected because of its superior durability. Most other washer toss targets are made from cheap materials such as MDF, pine wood, or plastic, which may look good out of the box, but will fall apart after just a few hits from the washers. Each target's base is lined with felt with a construction grade PVC pipe securely mounted in the center. The assembled targets are sanded smooth and varnished for a professional looking finish. The targets are regulation size and latch together for easy transportation and storage. Whether you're a washer toss veteran or new to the game, the Go Pong Washer Toss Set is the perfect choice. Set comes fully assembled and includes 2 targets and 8 plastic coated steel washers (4 Red + 4 Blue). Manufacturer's Note: By design, this game involves throwing metal washers at wood targets. We do use solid birch wood, but the washers will bang up the targets over time. While the game will never look as good as the day it came out of the box, the functionality will not be affected and you should show its battle scars with pride.

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One Hole Washer

Perfect Pitch Washers

You will spend hours having fun with family and friends playing Perfect Pitch Washers. Constructed from high quality, durable, polypropylene, Perfect Pitch Washers doesn't nick, chip or splinter like the wood versions. This game is waterproof and weatherproof, so don't worry if you leave it out in the rain overnight. The versatile design also allows for them to be filled with sand or water for an alternative game play. The targets nest together for compact and convenient storage in the coordinating carry bag. Great for tailgating, barbeques, family reunions, graduations, vacations, out in the backyard or in your rec room.

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Hawaiian Washers
Hawaiian Washer Boxes Hawaiian Washers (Portuguese Horseshoes) is a Hawaiian variant of the popu..
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3 Hole Washers
3 Hole Washer Game Set These professional quality boxes have our fancy looking Rebel w..
$250.00 $179.95