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Beer Pong

Beer Pong Table

8ft Long Deluxe Folding Table

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All-wood folding Beer Pong table. Great for Beer Pong or as a serving table. Excellent quality and performance. Get our cups, balls, and matching wood racks upon request for an additional fee.

Beer pong table finishes
  • All-wood folding table is easy to transport with a geared hinge system.
  • Professional dimensions - 8ft x 2ft - and awesome quality and performance.
  • Water cup holders.
  • 3 finishes to choose from (Blonde, Heritage, Rebel).
  • Marine-grade birch wood.
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Beer pong table finishes

Customize Your Beer Pong Table

Beer pong table finishes

Customize Your Beer Pong Table

Custom 9ft beer pong table made for the World Pong Tour Championships in Atlantic City, NJ. The "NICE RACK" text on the top has been cut through the top surface and then filled with a translucent green epoxy. Wireless LED lights are positioned underneath to give it a glowing effect. This table also has the one cup option, and custom graphics and text. Really, anything is possible, just use our contact form and ask us. We have two main types of LED lighting, the basic type and the advanced type. The advanced type comes with a rechargable lithium battery pack that powers the 100+ LED system and comes with a remote that has different settings, including a music activated pulse setting. This option is well worth the money if you want to wow your friends.

Pong Squad Football

The Pong Squad Football Beer Pong Table with Holes

Get this plainly designed football field table and customize it with your own team decals. Our tables have the pre-drilled holes for easy re racking and also the prevention of the common party foul from that drunk guy or gal. Helps on windy days and the occasion cup knock over when swiping at a bounced ball. Perfect table when around children. HI and AK purchases go USPS parcel post and can take 2 to 6 weeks.

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Air Pong Table

The Portable, Inflatable Beer Pong Table

The Air Pong Table is the highest quality inflatable beer pong table on the market. It is the only inflatable raft which provides an authentic game of beer pong. Play beer pong whenever and wherever! Float the table in the pool, use it in your dorm, on the beach, at a tailgate, or anywhere else you can think of. Just inflate it and you're good to go. This table includes 2 high-quality cup racks to ensure quality game play and a perfect rack, every time. No longer will you have to worry about spilling or knocking over your cups. We are proud to have developed the most versatile floating table in the world. Whether you call the game Beer Pong, Beirut, BP, or life, one thing is for sure, Air Pong is the greatest way to play it. Beware of all of the impostors, ours is the only table that comes with a 1 year warranty! We guarantee this product for the entire first year of use, and will replace it for FREE if anything happens! Rest assured, you are in great hands when you purchase from Skip's Garage!

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Bombed Beer Pong

Bombed Beer Pong Game

Kit come with everything you need to play: 2 - Cup Racks 20 - 16oz Translucent Beer Pong Cups with printed Fill Lines 2 - Wash Cups 3 - 40mm Seamless BP PRO Beer Pong Balls 1- Rule Sheet

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Custom Beer Pong Tables

Beer pong table finishes

Beer pong table finishes

Beer pong table finishes
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Premium Folding Beer Pong Table
Premium Folding Beer Pong Table Our all-wood folding Beer Pong table is in a class by itself. ..
$350.00 $229.00