About Us

We at Vorticy love games like Cornhole Bag Toss, Beer Pong and Washers Games and decided to start making high-quality versions of them with the perfect accessories to go with them!

We focus on fun technology.

Vorticy is a small business located in San Diego. The motto at Vorticy Sports is to focus on fun technology. Our goal is to create good value, high-quality products and to deliver those products to our customers in a timely manner.

Bag Toss, or commonly referred to as Cornhole, is a family game. People get together, eat some good food, have a cold drink and toss some bags. It turns a regular BBQ into something special. And perhaps best of all, it is safe for all ages. Kids really enjoy this game!

Bag Toss 2 is a fun variation of classic Bag Toss. The only difference is the slot, which is worth more points. We offer both the Tailgate Size, which is 3ft x 2ft, and the Long Board Size, which is 4ft x 2ft, with this fun variation. The Tailgate Size is easier to transport and is perfect for nearly every occasion.

Our Beer Pong table is 8ft long and folds in half. We use the same Baltic birch plywood for most of our products. This is very high-quality wood with superior moisture resistance.