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“Our mission is to make quality fun products at an affordable price. All of our products are manufactured at our San Diego facility. We carefully engineered our products exactly the way we wanted them. As players, we want the best and we know that you do too. If our customers are not happy, we are not happy.”

- The Vorticy Team -



New Baltic Birch Plywood

We recently switched to a superior plywood that is highly moisture and heat resistant. This is accomplished with a boil proof glue line and the Baltic birch plies. The Baltic birch wood grows in the frigid parts of northern Europe like Russia and Finland. Due to the cold, it is more dense and stronger than normal birch. Almost zero % core voids the plies are incredibly uniform. Our boards are now 30% heavier and 200% stronger than our previous boards due to this change.

Superior Materials + Highly Engineered Designs = Kick Ass Products

All Weather Cornhole Bags

Why are our bags the best on the market? #1 reason - Our bags will not rot if they get wet. In fact, if they get dirty, you can hand wash them with soap and hot water. Don't worry about bugs, mice, deer or other critters eating the corn in you dusty old bags. Worry free guaranteed. #2 reason - We adjust filler ratios so that a prescribed weight and fullness is achieved. They are ACA regulation size and weight. Professional grade.

Superior Materials + Highly Engineered Designs = Kick Ass Products

Pong-O Beer Pong Beer Pong Racks

What is Cornhole?

Cornhole is a bag toss game also known as bean bag toss, corn toss, baggo or bags. It is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn or plastic filler at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while on on the platform scores 1 point. The game continues until a team or a player reaches 21 points.

A Little History (From Wikipedia)

The history of the game is mostly unknown, though stories abound. One story claims that the game was first played during the 14th century in Germany, then rediscovered in Ohio within the last century. Many American scholars confirm that a game of very similar nature was played amongst Native Americans in Midwest America, who filled pigs' bladders with dried beans and competitively tossed them for entertainment, notably, the Blackhawk tribe in Illinois.

Bag Slide

Bag slide is an important characteristic and is something we spent a long time working on. There is no need for dust. Believe us, these boards are sweet. Our boards will break in over a several games and will have great slide characteristics.


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